State Farm donates vans to 5 McLean County nonprofits

BLOOMINGTON – Home Sweet Home Ministries had no consistent way of transporting people from their shelter to various locations in the area.

The Bloomington nonprofit serving the homeless and hungry received its first vehicle Wednesday from State Farm Insurance, along with four other local nonprofit organizations.

“The donation of this van allows us to transport our shelter residents across town to different appointments if they need that help, or during this time of COVID, out for testing at the testing center,” Home Sweet Home Ministries Chief Operating Officer Matt Burgess said.

The other recipients of 12-passenger vans were Recycling Furniture for Families, Living Well United Senior Citizen Center, Marcfirst, and Community Health Care Clinic.

State Farm previously used the five vans for its vanpool program, which allowed employees to pool rides together to and from work. The program recently ended, so State Farm had no use for the vans.

The company decided to donate the vans to local organizations rather than sell them.


Community Health Care Clinic’s new van will allow them to deliver medications directly to patients who have difficulties with transportation.

The clinic will also use it to transport patients to and from physician appointments.