The NAFC is dedicated to educating the public, the press, Congress, Federal and state agencies, pharmaceutical companies and other corporations about Free and Charitable Clinics and the important service they provide to America’s un- and under-insured.

The NAFC monitors proposed rules and regulations, legislation and other important issues to keep a finger on the pulse of the issues that may be important to Free and Charitable Clinics and to the medically underserved.

The NAFC believes that when discussing health care access and reform it is necessary for Congress to take into account the following overarching points. Without addressing these points in their entirety, it is the position of the NAFC that more work will need to be done on any health care reform efforts.

Download NAFC 2022 Public Policy Objectives

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  • Access to Affordable Health Care should be a right and not a privilege.
  • In the interest of public health, all individuals should have access to affordable quality health care.
  • Affordability, accessibility and portability of health care are issues that remain critical to the uninsured in this country.