National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics Partners with Updox for Virtual Care During COVID-19

Partnership expands healthcare reach for at-risk populations while protecting healthcare providers​ – Updox, a comprehensive Telehealth and Collaboration Platform, today announced a partnership with the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics (NAFC) to offer its full telehealth solution to NAFC physicians and clinics in the fight against COVID-19. Updox Telehealth includes HIPAA-compliant Video Chat, SMS and Secure Text messaging to support virtual care as a complete patient experience.

NAFC supports 1,400 free and charitable clinics and charitable pharmacies in the United States that serve more than 2 million patients and 111,000 medical volunteers. The organization is guided by its mission to ensure that the medically underserved have access to affordable quality health care.

“An essential part of fighting this pandemic is keeping patients out of emergency departments, urgent cares and waiting rooms, particularly those who are in at-risk groups. On top of that, patients still need routine care, monitoring and regular check-ups. That makes a reliable, easily-accessible telehealth solution essential to care,” said Nicole Lamoureux, NAFC President and CEO. “We’re grateful to offer the Updox telehealth solution to our clinics. It’s easy to use for both practices and patients and offers safe, secure ways for care to be delivered and lives to be saved.”

Updox Telehealth solutions are key to providing virtual care by giving healthcare providers HIPAA-compliant channels to reach patients who are too ill to get to the office, homebound, quarantined, immobile, or in rural environments. Updox Telehealth is easily available through any smartphone, with no apps or downloads required. As healthcare providers navigate this pandemic, Updox helps them safely treat their patients, protect staff and lower overall risks to help lessen the spread of COVID-19.

“Getting access to medical care is a challenge for many Americans and this pandemic only intensifies that need. We’re committed to helping physicians and other healthcare providers connect with patients in a way that is secure, convenient and safe,” said Michael Morgan, CEO, Updox. “We make telehealth as easy as making a phone call and can connect patients to local healthcare providers or specialists across the nation to get them the care needed without any added risk. NAFC member clinics do incredibly valuable work across the nation and we’re honored to support them in their efforts.”

In 2018, Updox started a partnership with the North Carolina Association of Free and Charitable Care Clinics (NCAFCC), where their clinics used the Updox platform to improve care coordination and patient engagement. In addition to using other Updox solutions, the use of Updox Video Chat expanded access to care while giving low-income patients added flexibility and choice. NCAFCC’s use of Video Chat has rapidly increased during the current pandemic.

“The impact of telehealth during COVID-19 has been lifesaving. Already, the clinics have counted nearly 4,000 patient encounters through Updox telehealth and conducted 2,059 medically-related video chats with patients. Telehealth allows clinic staff to safely triage patients to determine if care can be managed at home or if they need to be seen at the clinic or another facility,” says Randy Jordan, CEO, NCAFCC. “Undoubtedly, telehealth will transform how we engage with patients going forward and Updox has shown itself to be a leader in the telehealth movement.”