NAFC Receives $1.28M 2-Year Grant for Free & Charitable Clinics from McKesson Foundation

Funds will be allocated for clinics and pharmacies to increase cancer screenings and prevention, address food insecurity, and increase Medication Therapy Management.

Alexandria, VA, Sept. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics (NAFC) and the McKesson Foundation announce a $1.28M grant dispersed over 2023 and 2024 to address critical needs of free and charitable clinics and their patients across the United States. The funds will support improving breast cancer screenings, expanding Medication Therapy Management (MTM) programs, and implementing food as medicine programs with the purpose of reducing the burden of cancer and improving access to care.

NAFC members serve patients who are uninsured and underinsured. These clinics provide healthcare to over 581,000 women annually. Among women aged 55-64, the rate of mammography within the last two years is dramatically lower for women who are uninsured (40%) compared to those who have insurance (80%) or Medicaid (72%). Funding from the McKesson Foundation will establish programs and resources to support increased breast cancer screening and subsequent referrals to care among uninsured women.

Not having health insurance complicates patient access to prescription drugs and follow-through with treatment plans. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, uninsured nonelderly adults were 2.5 times as likely as adults with private coverage to say that they delayed filling or did not get a needed prescription drug due to cost. The expansion of MTM programs at free and charitable clinics and pharmacies is expected to increase patient knowledge related to prescriptions and medication impacts, improve patients’ active participation in their healthcare, and increase patient safety and quality of care.

A vast majority of patients (93%) seen at National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics member organizations are uninsured. Anecdotal data suggests that nearly all those patients have some level of food insecurity. With funding from the McKesson Foundation, clinic grantees will be able to establish food insecurity screening protocols and best practices based on recommendations from the U.S. Household Food Security Survey Module, resulting in improved food security scores within one year of project implementation.

Each of these projects will be monitored and evaluated with individual outcomes and measurements, as well as standardized performance measures, to assess the total impact of the funding provided.

“At the McKesson Foundation, we know that un- and under-insured patients often struggle to access high-quality health services. Each member of NAFC’s network of clinics and pharmacies serves on the frontlines of healthcare in their respective communities, providing services critical to reducing barriers to care and improving health equity,” states Melissa Thompson, president, McKesson Foundation. “We are proud to support NAFC and our shared goal of improving health outcomes in our communities.”

“We are grateful for the support of the McKesson Foundation and their alignment with our mission: Building healthy communities for all through quality, equitable, accessible healthcare,” shared NAFC President & CEO, Nicole Lamoureux. “Through their generous funding, we will be able to significantly increase the number of patients receiving evidence-based preventative services and improved access and quality of care.”


About the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics  

The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (NAFC) is the only nonprofit 501c(3) organization whose mission is solely focused on the issues and needs of the uninsured and underinsured throughout the nation and the more than 1,400 Free and Charitable Clinics and Pharmacies that serve them. The NAFC has earned the Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar and a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator. Founded in 2001 and headquartered near Washington, D.C., the NAFC is working towards healthy communities for all through quality, equitable, accessible healthcare. For more information about the NAFC, please visit

About the McKesson Foundation

Founded in 1943, the McKesson Foundation is a private, charitable organization dedicated to advancing health outcomes for all. The Foundation was established and is funded by McKesson Corporation. The Foundation’s mission is to remove barriers to quality healthcare across North America, especially for vulnerable and underserved communities. The Foundation works to achieve its mission through partnerships and charitable grants in three core areas: reducing the burden of cancer, diversifying the healthcare talent pipeline, and accelerating crisis response. The Foundation further amplifies its impact in the communities where Team McKesson lives, works and operates by promoting employee volunteerism and bolstering charitable giving. For more information about the McKesson Foundation, click here.

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