Maintaining High Healthcare Standards of Excellence

For the millions of Americans actively seeking healthcare in the United States, being able to depend on accessible, high-quality medical care—regardless of age, sex, income, education, immigration status, ethnicity, skin color, religion, sexual orientation, or even insurability—is essential to combating illness and improving quality of life.

For the past two decades, the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics has sought to provide these individuals with the quality medical care they deserve from their healthcare system. To demonstrate the quality care our member organizations are providing communities in need across the United States, the NAFC has implemented the Membership Quality Standards Program, a set of healthcare standards of excellence.

Demonstrating a Commitment to Healthcare Excellence

Approximately 2 million patients every year depend on the medical care provided by a free or charitable clinic or pharmacy throughout the country. The NAFC Membership Quality Standards Program allows us to showcase to powerful entities—including policymakers, partners, funders, and stakeholders—not only the quality and quantity of care provided by our organization, but also the importance of providing such resources to underserved individuals in countless communities across the country.

These healthcare standards of excellence also seek to fulfill the ongoing task of improving the quality of care provided by our organizations to patients—progress never stops!

The Numbers

In 2021, of the total number of NAFC member organizations participating in the Membership Quality Standards Program, 69 percent earned a Gold Rating; 17 percent earned a Silver Rating; and 14 percent earned a Bronze Rating.

Across the country, these distinguished clinics and pharmacies continue to service patients and make a difference in their communities through the provision of affordable healthcare services and resources.

Our Impact

By implementing a formalized set of Quality Standards available for 1,400+ affiliated organizations across the United States, we at the NAFC seek to highlight the incredible, life-sustaining work occurring behind the doors of each one of our clinics and pharmacies through the sustainment of quantifiable, qualifiable levels of excellence with each conversation and action between healthcare professional and patient. To better support, the nation’s uninsured and disadvantaged, healthcare quality standards make a dramatic difference in strengthening community awareness of the services and resources the NAFC and our members provide.

The NAFC Mission and Vision

For all of us at the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics, we are dedicated to ensuring the medically underserved in this country have access to the affordable, quality healthcare they need to not only stay healthy, but also remain active in their family, professional, and community lives.

The NAFC envisions a healthier, happier America—one in which the most vulnerable members of our society have access to the medical care they need to find comfort and make progress in their journey toward fuller, more fulfilling lives.

To learn more about the work we do at NAFC, or to join our movement toward healthier, happier communities, contact us today.