Diane’s Story

“It started with a pingpong ball of a cyst in my left breast. I had no insurance. I was afraid of doctors. I was hoping and wishing it would just go away.”

When Diane first found out about Family Health Partnership Clinic from one of its volunteer doctors, it had been over 10 years since she’d been to a doctor. She’d had a benign tumor in her 20s and a cyst around 40 that went away on its own. But she’d just never been able to stick with frequent screening and mammograms. This time was different, though. “I went back because…it’s volunteer-based and it just shows you that there’s people who care out in the medical community.”

After going to the clinic, the cyst went away on its own. But this time, she continued going back for screenings. A year later, when she felt a painful lump in the other breast, she went right in to the clinic. It was cancer. But thankfully, it was caught by the screenings very early. After several months of radiation, which she rode her bike to, she is currently cancer-free. Diane still visits the free clinic—and is known there now for bringing chocolate along for the staff every time she comes. At the time of her cancer, Diane was working but still couldn’t afford insurance. Patients like Diane are the reason we need free clinics.