Crossroads Medical Mission continues care despite COVID-19 pandemic

The wheels keep turning for a mobile medical program meant to help the uninsured, despite the COVID-19 outbreak.

Crossroads Medical Mission’s Cindy Rockett says they are taking every precaution to keep their healthcare providers safe, while treating patients from their RV.

“It is our goal to continue providing care for as long as we possibly can, Some of the revisions we have made are that many of our partnership sites have closed their doors so that they’re not breaking the ten person rule and we are doing a lot of our work outside,” said Cindy Rockett.

Crossroads is asking patients to call or text them when they arrive, so a staff member in protective gear can come to them to triage the patient while they remain in their car.

Nurse Practitioner Katie Johnson says it’s a mission of service above self: “putting yourself in harms way is a calling. Whether you do it as a teacher or whether you do it as a nurse it is a calling. So I really don’t hesitate to come to work and do what we’re doing because we love the people that we serving.” 

While the mobile medical office cannot test for the coronavirus, it can help treat patients for the flu, strep throat, high blood pressure and asthma.

Katie Johnson says with everything going on in the pandemic it is important for them to keep seeing patients because: “There are a lot of illnesses that unfortunately just didn’t take a break when the rest of us had to quarantine. That’s WHY WE WANT TO make sure we are still here because everyone needs care, even the uninsured.” 

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