CareMessage is a nonprofit technology organization with a mission to empower healthcare organizations to improve the patient experience, health literacy, and self-management for underserved populations, while reducing the operational cost of care. CareMessage has developed the first patient engagement solution truly focused on the underserved. Since launching in late 2013, CareMessage has grown to work with 200+ organizations across 39+ states nationwide, actively reaching more than 1.5 million patients.

CareMessage uses text messaging (SMS) as the primary delivery method for communication with patients. We align ourselves with the quality measures of our customer community to help fill gaps in care, reduce no shows and meet clinical metrics through the following core features:

  • Appointment reminders:  Save staff time and resources with customized reminders containing specific details, for example, including information on what to bring to their appointment. Automated appointment reminders have been shown to significantly reduce no-shows.

  • Direct Messaging: Quickly send and receive personalized-bidirectional messages. Facilitate 1:1 communication between your care provider team and patients while reducing the amount of time and resources to do so.

  • Outreach Messages: Reach large groups of specific patients with messages about recalls, gaps in care, events, medication adherence, alerts, general education. Increase the number of patients scheduling regular visits by sending targeted screening and recall  reminders, and ultimately drive up compliance with various regulatory standards.

  • Health Education Programs: Involve patients with their care outside of the clinic and help you educate, change patient behavior, and improve outcomes for underserved communities. Easily manage and enroll patients in prebuilt programs for type 2 diabetes, depression, asthma, goal setting, nutrition, exercise, maternal health, smoking cessation, adult obesity, pediatric obesity and other health education and disease management.



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