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There are so many ways that you can get involved with the NAFC. 
We hope that you will join us in building a healthy America, one person at a time!


Give for Health

As a nonprofit, we rely on our donations to continue our important work of pursuing our mission to ensure that the medically underserved have access to affordable quality health care.  Please visit our Giving page to learn about the various ways you can give to the organization or simply CLICK HERE to make an online donation.





Volunteers are an instrumental part of the charitable health care world and there are numerous opportunities to give back to those in need! Find out more on the Volunteer page about how to find a local clinic where you can volunteer.






If you work or volunteer at a Free or Charitable Clinic, Charitable Pharmacy or State Association, learn more about Membership Benefits and how to Become a Member!  One of the great perks of membership is deeply discounted registration prices for our Charitable Health Care Symposium, the only annual conference focused solely on Free and Charitable Clinics and the medically underserved patients they serve.




You can give back to the NAFC while you shop!  Learn more about how you can give back while shopping on Amazon by visiting our Shop page.




Events & Jobs

You can also visit our Events Page to check out the various events happening throughout the year, as well as our Job Listings page if you are interested in what job opportunities are available.