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Interested in volunteering at a local Free or Charitable Clinic? Complete the form below for more information, OR you can also search for a clinic near you at our FIND A CLINIC page to contact a local clinic directly about volunteer opportunities in your area.

Free and Charitable Clinics across the nation depend on volunteers, both medical and non-medical, to be able to provide much needed medical care to the uninsured.  Get in contact with your local clinic to see what various volunteer opportunities are available!

CARE Clinics: The NAFC holds one day events called C.A.R.E. (Communities Are Responding Everyday) Clinics, where over 1,000 uninsured patients will recieve free medical care and connection to local clinics and additional resources, all of which is able to happen with the help of approximately 1,000 volunteers.  For more information on CARE Clinics and the next scheduled clinic, please visit:


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