Winners of the NAFC Member Impact15 Contest Announced! There is still time to make your Impact15 pledge today!

Earlier this year, the NAFC launched Impact15 - a national health pledge program all about how small changes can have big impacts on our health. While we are celebrating the NAFC’s 15th Anniversary, we wanted to do something that would encourage each of us to take care of ourselves and our health, and to create small obtainable goals that will have a big impact on having healthier lives.

As part of the Impact15 initiative, the NAFC launched a clinic member participation contest, where members of the NAFC were encouraged to collect pledges in their clinics and communities.  Three cash prizes were awarded to the clinics that collected the largest number of pledges.

The Impact15 Participation Contest winners are:

  • First Place: People's Health Clinic, Park City UT
  • Second Place: Community Medical Clinic of Kershaw County, Camden SC
  • Third Place: Davidson Medical Ministries/Davidson Health Services, Lexington NC

We would like to congratulate our contest winners and thank all of the clinics that participated in the contest!

Even though the clinic contest is complete, the Impact15 health pledge initiative continues through the rest of the year.  We hope that you will join us in making that one small change that will have a huge difference in your life and your health.  Even if you have already completed a pledge, you can make a new pledge. Simply sign the Impact15 health pledge by visiting and let us know how you are going to put yourself and your health first!