A Tall Order for 2013

Happy New Year! As we welcome 2013 it is the hope of the NAFC staff that your heart and homes will be full of laughter, love and peace.

In 2013, Free and Charitable Clinics remain committed to providing access to quality health care for the Nation's medically underserved. The NAFC staff and our members will continue to shine a spotlight on the amazing impacts of volunteerism that is found around this country, and we will continue to focus on the plight of the uninsured and underserved. We will continue to remind the public, the press and our elected officials that the work of America's safety net, of which our clinics are a critical part, will not diminish because of the Affordable Care Act. Rather, we will continue to stand in the gap and provide health care to those who need it the most. We will remind everyone that the Affordable Care Act is not a universal health care solution but rather a first step to proofing providing access to medical care for more Americans, but unfortunately not all Americans. We will continue to remind our elected officials that health care should be a right and not a privilege and that access to affordable health care is neither a red nor blue issue, but an American issue.

Finally, and most importantly, the NAFC and our members will continue to build a healthy America one patient at a time.

A tall order for 2013? Yes, but one thing we at the NAFC know for certain is that our members have been dedicated to providing quality health care since the 1960's and we are going to continue in this important health care role until every American has the access to care that they deserve.