Supreme Court Issues Ruling on King v. Burwell upholding Federal Subsidies - Work of Free & Charitable Clinics remains critital

Today the Supreme Court issued its ruling on the King v. Burwell case which discussed the elimination of federal subsidies for millions of newly insured individuals.  The Supreme Court upheld this portion of the Affordable Care Act stating that individuals who receive subsidies through a Federally Funded marketplace will be allowed to keep this benefit.  While this was a victory for the Administration and those who received coverage through this program, the hard fact remains that there are still millions of individuals who still do not have access to affordable health care and health insurance.
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Free and Charitable Clinics remain a very critical part of the healthcare system in our country providing help to those living without access to affordable health care, metal health care, dental care and prescription access. Daily, our clinics hear heartbreaking stories from patients about how health care remains unobtainable even though those stories are not heard in the mainstream media. Even more disheartening is that 70 percent of our clinics are reporting that patients are returning to them for help even after they have signed up for insurance coverage, due to issues with having timely access to a doctor, access to affordable medication and more.
Unfortunately, at this time we still live in a country of haves and have nots when it comes to health care. This is why the work of Free and Charitable Clinics remains so critical. Together our clinics provide a helping hand to someone who is struggling with the all too often hidden shame of not being able to pay for health care.  Hopefully one day we will live in a country where no one feels alone and forgotten because they can not afford to see a doctor.  Today’s ruling is another step in improving access to health care but unfortunately it does not answer this plea.