Small Changes Lead to Big Impacts - Make Your Impact15 Health Pledge Today!

We’ve all been there… New Year’s Day making a huge resolution to lose 25 pounds, go to the gym 7 days a week, stop eating junk food, watch less TV, the list goes on and we are committed! Then life gets in the way, we get tired, work is stressful, families need us or we just took on too much at once.

These are some of the reasons we at the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics (NAFC) we have launched Impact15 - a national health pledge program where small changes can have huge impacts on our health. As we celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the NAFC, we want to do something that will encourage each of us to take care of ourselves and our health.  We want to make 2016 the year of small obtainable goals that will have a big impact on having healthier lives.

For example, Nicole our CEO is going to walk 15 more minutes a day to help her reach the daily recommended goal of 10,000 steps. Kerry our Vice President is going to practice at least 15 minutes of yoga every day.  What will your impact15 health pledge be? Will you eat 15 more vegetables a month? Have 15 less cigarettes? Walk 15 more miles? Do 15 jumping jacks a day?

Whatever you decide, we can’t wait to hear about it!  Join us in making that one small change that will have a huge difference in your life and your health.  Sign our impact15 health pledge by visiting and let us know how you are going to put yourself and your health first!