The NAFC Releases Two Documents Providing an Overview of Free & Charitable Clinics, the ACA & the Underserved

The NAFC has released two informational documents to provide an overview of what Free and Charitable Clinics are as well as how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) affects these clinics and the status of the medically underserved throughout the United States. 

In the document titled “Getting to Know America’s Free & Charitable Clinics,” an overview is provided with information including the definition of a Free or Charitable Clinic, updated data from 2015 such as the number of patient visits and number of volunteers seen across the nation and more.  For example, in 2015, Free and Charitable Clinics have seen an estimated 5.9 million patient visits and have utilized 160,000 volunteers.   

“Free & Charitable Clinics, the ACA & the Underserved” is the other document released by the NAFC.  This informational document provides general information about our clinics while also “Debunking the Myths” – including how one of the most common misconceptions about how the United States will look after full implementation of the ACA is that there will no longer be a need for our clinics to continue to provide charitable care as a member of the safety net.

Please take a moment to learn more about our clinics and the medically underserved by viewing the links below.

To view “Getting to Know America’s Free & Charitable Clinics” - CLICK HERE

To view “Free & Charitable Clinics, the ACA & the Underserved” - CLICK HERE