NAFC Partners with USA Rx on Discount Pharmacy Card Available to All!

The NAFC is excited to introduce a new pharmacy discount card program that can be used by all!  Our partners Henry Schein and USA Rx worked together on this pharmacy card that averages 42% savings on medications.  Best of all, there is NO cost to participate in this program!

Signing up for a card is simple – just visit the following website and click on the “GET FREE CARD” button:

You will have the option to print, text, email or save the card for easy access.  Using the card is just as easy – simply present the card at your pharmacy with your prescription.  The card then gives an immediate discount, there is no registration needed!

This FREE card is accepted in over 60,000 pharmacies throughout the United States, and offers discounts on both brand and generic medications.  An example of some of the card’s discounts include*:

Crestor           16.23%

Metformin       66.33%

Nexium           15.40%

Amlodipine      40.00%

Proventil         10.07%

Lisinopril         45.00%

HCTZ 25mg     35.94%

Gabapentin      57.00%

Janument        20.58%

Toprol             54.71%

Glipizide          27.60%

Albuterol         55.46%

*These are real savings from recent transactions with the USA Rx Card.  Savings are subject to change depending on location and pharmacy.  Generic versions of brand medications generally have savings of 40-75% off.

We encourage everyone to get their card today and start saving!  Also be sure to tell your
friends, family and colleagues about this card too.

If you are a Clinic volunteer or staff person and would like cards mailed to your clinic for distribution to your patients, staff and volunteers, please contact NAFC Staff at

For more information about this discount program, please see the following: