NAFC: Celebrating 20 Years of Healthcare for the Uninsured

Nearly 20 years ago, an important thought came to a group of dedicated individuals concerned with the healthcare disparity for the millions of Americans across the country without access to lifesaving medical support.

This group, so deeply empathetic to the unique needs and hardships of the nation’s medically underserved, provided the foundation for what the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics is today, nearly 20 years later.

Today, the NAFC proudly continues to keep the vision of our original supporters and executive directors alive in order to serve the countless working poor and uninsured who are struggling in communities across the country, every single day. 


The Ongoing Work of Providing Health Care for the Uninsured

This year, as NAFC celebrates its 20th anniversary, we’ve seen incredible progress and growth since the inception of the organization more than two decades ago. Through our fantastic network of partners, donors, staff, leaders, and members, the NAFC looks forward to another 20 years of working to provide accessible and equitable healthcare for uninsured and underserved individuals in regions throughout the country. 


NAFC’s 2021 Virtual Symposium: Exploring Healthcare Solutions for the Uninsured

In celebration of how far NAFC and its partners have come to uphold our mission of providing health care for the uninsured across the country, we’re excited to be hosting the NAFC 2021 Virtual Symposium, a digital conference through which we hope to come together to share ideas and knowledge, learn from one another about the state of the healthcare industry, and continue the important work of maintaining the charitable safety net—all in celebration of the NAFC legacy. 


Join NAFC in Furthering Our Impact on the State of U.S. Health Care Today

As we continue to expand our understanding of the American healthcare industry today, NAFC is constantly exploring ways to better support the nation’s medically underserved. As we look forward to coming together in education and celebration at this year’s conference, running from Wednesday, October 27 to Thursday, October 28, we hope you’ll join us to continue our mission of helping medically underserved individuals gain access to the most compassionate, equitable, and accessible healthcare resources as possible.  

For more information about the NAFC mission of providing high-quality resources and health care for the uninsured across the country, or to learn more about the upcoming NAFC 2021 Virtual Symposium to be held this October, please visit our website today