NAFC ACTION ALERT - URGENT REQUEST - Charitable Deduction Tax Credit

Congress and the President are on the fast track to avoid the fiscal cliff and as part of that deal policy officials are looking to limit or do away with the Charitable Deduction tax credit that people receive when donating to a non-profit. Eliminating the deduction may have a dramatic impact on your clinic's budget, as some donors may decide to not donate or donate less without this deduction.
This issue is of CRITICAL IMPORTANCE to the non-profit community as a whole and as a large part of the safety net community, the NAFC is asking that you act RIGHT AWAY.
Call the White House at 202-456-1111 and leave a message for the President saying:
"Mr. President the limit on the Charitable Deduction will hurt our clinic and our ability to serve the working poor and medically underserved."  
Provide your clinic name, city, and state.

Send an email to your House and Senate members, as well as the White House, explaining that losing this dedication would negatively impact the work at your clinic and the work of non-profits around the country.  The NAFC has drafted a sample email/letter on this topic for you
Please note, in addition to discussing the impact of limiting/eliminating the charitable deduction will have on your clinic, it also includes language that reflects how this limitation will hurt non-profits as a whole. Staff feels very strongly that it is critical to identify ourselves as strong members of the nonprofit sector by joining our voices with others in this arena.

To download a copy of the letter, please visit:

To find a web form to email, along with fax number and mailing address for your Senator please visit:

To find a web form to email along with fax number and mailing address for your Congressmen please visit:

To find a web form to email along with fax number and mailing address for the President please visit:

**If you would like to email or use the web form and there is not the ability to add the letter on your letterhead,  please copy and paste the body of the letter into a comment box with your contact information.
Sample message for Facebook and Twitter can be found below:
@whitehouse @SpeakerBoehner-don't cap charitable deductions. It will hurt communities. Say no to the limit #protectgiving


When you have sent your message please update the NAFC offices via email at