Lead Dental Assistant - Compassion Community Clinic (Sparks, NV)



The Lead Dental Assistant (LDA) is a paid position for a Dental Assistant who is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the back office.  The LDA is the resource person for the back office during clinic sessions and is the back-up for all dental procedures and needs.  The LDA maintains the sterile room and acts as the runner and extra set of hands wherever needed. The LDA’s confidence, interpersonal skills, and knowledge put the volunteer dental professionals at ease and creates a comfortable and safe working environment for the patients and staff.  The LDA position is a vital role within CC Clinic.  Patient care could be limited without the LDA on site. If the LDA is not available during a clinic session, the ED will attempt to designate another qualified Dental Assistant as the resource person for that clinic session. There are 3 phases of training, listed below, with a corresponding hourly wage and the duties and responsibilities that will be learned, mirrored and demonstrated by the end of each phase. The length of each phase depends upon the LDA trainee’s speed of learning and demonstration of competence.  Training has the potential to take up to 1 year.  The LDA will record her/his hours worked and turn them in monthly to the ED.


REPORTS TO:  Executive Director (ED)       TRAINER:  Previous LDA


PHASE 1 (approximately 25 hours per month at $13.00 per hour):


Communicates well with the ED and follows CC Clinic’s Policies and Procedures

Ensures that the back office runs smoothly, keeping everything uniform, consistent, clean and orderly.

Models appropriate OSHA/Infection Control measures

Prior to a Clinic Day prepares the back office of CC Clinic

Manages the Opening and Closing List, maintains handpieces

During clinic hours the LDA performs a variety of back office duties as a team member, which may include, in part: Sterilization, X-rays, cleaning rooms, fulfilling chairside requests, stepping in to Dental Assist and promoting harmonious teamwork at all times.

Once the LDA and trainer have confidence in the LDA’s readiness in all areas within Phase 1, the ED and trainer will begin phase 2 of the training, documenting the performance of the LDA in Phase 1.

PHASE 2 (approximately 28 hours per month, includes Phase 1 responsibilities at $14.50 per hour):


Handles ordering, inventory and tie tagging system

Creates merchandise orders and gives to ED for approval and handles paperwork associated with merchandise

Manages the monthly and yearly checklists in a timely manner

Maintains the equipment and communicates to the ED and Repair Tech as needed

Once the LDA and trainer have confidence in the LDA’s readiness in all areas within Phase 2,  the ED and trainer will add phase 3, the final phase of training, , documenting the performance of the LDA in Phase 2.

PHASE 3 (approximately 32 hours per month, includes Phases 1 & 2 responsibilities at $16.00 per hour):


Ensures Dentrix charting and Day Sheets are correct for each patient

Assists the new Volunteers with orientation and training as needed.

Helps the Infection Prevention Coordinator maintain the MSDS/SDS book and Hazard Communication Program


After demonstrating competence in Phase 3 the LDA will be considered fully trained.  Pay will remain at $16.00 per hour until the annual employment review or an earlier review is done with the Executive Director, at which time an increase in the hourly rate may be offered. There are no paid benefits.




Due to the nature of the service provided by Compassion Community Clinic, breaks and lunch may be taken in multiple increments throughout the shift -- 15 minutes for each 4 hours worked plus a 30 minute lunch break for 8 hours worked. The employee will be paid for their entire time working plus breaks.  Overtime will be paid for time worked over 40 hours within a one week period (Sunday-Saturday).




Volunteers as a Dental Assistant prior to training as an LDA.

Is proficient in the procedures of dentistry, infection control, and radiography, as well as cleaning and sterilization of instruments.

Follows OSHA, Nevada State Board, and HIPAA standards in all duties performed in CC Clinic.

Demonstrates effective communication and interpersonal skills.

Supports the mission of Compassion Community Clinic and has the ability to offer encouragement to patients.

Is willing to ask for help when situations present which are beyond his/her ability, knowledge, or scope of practice.

Exhibits a willingness to learn new skills within the scope of practice.

Is able to move, stand, stoop, walk, and bend freely.




When working for CC Clinic, I agree not to detract from or undermine the Statement of Faith.


The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work performed by the person assigned to this position.  They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties or skill required.  In order to continue to manage an effective ministry, leadership may need to add or change the duties of this position at any time.


Due to the significance of this position we ask that qualified applicants agree that if at any time, this position does not fit their needs they will give the ED a minimum of a 45 day notice.






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