The Future of Women’s Health Amidst Funding Debate

Last week the House of Representatives approved H.R. 3134 the Defund Planned Parenthood Act by a vote of 241-187.  This bill would invest an additional $235 million in FQHCs to support women’s health.  There is discussion that there could be additional funding available for other safety net medical providers such as Free and Charitable Clinics.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, stopping the funding for Planned Parenthood would result in a net savings of $235 million over a decade but also cut off access for as many as 600,000 patients. 

If the government does withdraw funding for Planned Parenthood, NAFC member clinics will do as they have always done which is to serve those who need women’s health and primary health services to the best of our ability.

Many Free and Charitable Clinics currently provide a wide range of women’s health services, and many others are equipped to provide such services but are currently at capacity on what they can do. Our clinics continue to see huge demands for a wide variety of health care services including women’s health services, and many communities have limited resources to meet those demands due to the continued need as well as issues with decreased funding and volunteer staffing.

NAFC member Free and Charitable Clinics will step up as needed and within the means and scope of services at each clinic will continue working to ensure that the medically underserved have access to affordable quality health care.

The NAFC will continue to monitor and provide updates on this important issue of the availability of access to important women’s health services.