Free clinic in Pa. provides reality check for overhaul opponents

The man in the dentist's chair wears a wool cap, a down vest, and gratitude on his sleeve.

Markius Glover, a 35-year-old unemployed IT professional, has gone two years without health insurance, but just had his teeth cleaned for free by Community Volunteers in Medicine in West Goshen. Rarely does anyone seem this thrilled at the discovery of "a few cavities."

Glover scored the first appointment of the day and makes plans to return a week later for fillings. He says he's already had a physical and blood work done at CVIM, adding, "I'm really fortunate a place like this exists."

I can't imagine anyone still arguing that our nation's health-care system isn't broken, but those who do might want to pop into CVIM some morning, afternoon, or night: The biggest and busiest free clinic in Pennsylvania can barely treat all the needy in Chester County, the wealthiest place in the state...

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