Free & Charitable Clinics Provide Front Line Health Care Response

Over the last month, our country has endured riots, wildfires, floods and now two record breaking hurricanes. Providing health care in disaster impacted areas is critical, and yet unfortunately this is often difficult, not to mention heart breaking.

Those working in Free and Charitable Clinics are front line responders to their communities in times of need.   Our staff, volunteers and medical providers work to provide health care to all that need it.  Many times this means traveling to patients who are unable to physically get to the clinics due to lack of transportation, flood waters or illness itself.

Our member organizations are fearlessly and generously giving their time and talents in Hurricane Harvey impacted areas and now are preparing for the massive impact of Hurricane Irma which in Florida with the potential to impact Georgia and the Carolinas as well.  One thing is for certain, Free and Charitable Clinics - as they do every day - will continue to provide access to health care to their communities.

The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics is asking everyone to join with us as we offer our thoughts, prayers and support to those caregivers across the country who are putting their communities’ health care at the top of their priority list.

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