Executive Director - Smith Medical Clinic (Pawleys Island, SC)

The Smith Medical Clinic, Inc. (SMC), Pawleys Island, SC seeks an experienced successful administrator to lead in the position of Executive Director (ED). SMC is a volunteer-powered organization, providing free healthcare services to low-income, uninsured adults in Georgetown County, SC, with facilities in Pawleys Island and Georgetown. The clinic serves over 2000 patients in over 8000 visits per year; over 200 volunteers provide access to more than 10 specialties under its own roof. 

The Executive Director provides leadership to implement the clinic’s strategic plan with specific responsibility for: Operations and Human Resource Management and Planning, Program Development and Implementation, Financial Management and Oversight, Resource Development, and Key Relationship Management and Collaborations.

ED Desired Qualifications

Education Required: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree minimum, in relevant field (Human Services, Public Health, Health Care Administration, Social Work, Nursing, Business Administration) 

Experience Required:

  • 3-5 years of leading and managing staff and operations, including financial management and oversight. 
  • 3-5 years of resource development, including fundraising, grant writing, and marketing (or equivalent experience)
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including strong listening skills and presentation skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including ability to develop and sustain relationships within and outside the clinic (such as volunteers, staff, donors, patients, and community stakeholders)

Strongly Preferred:

  • 3+ years experience in a health-related field 
  • Experience in a non-profit organization, preferably one that works with a broad range of volunteers
  • Experience working collaboratively with a board or a related governing body


  • Experience serving marginalized/underserved populations.  Demonstrated passion about the mission of SMC: providing access to quality healthcare for the uninsured
  • A deep understanding of the impact of social determinants on health outcomes  
  • Proven complex problem-solving skills. Able to identify resources and/or options to improve medical care and realize better health outcomes for patients
  • A keen understanding of how to gather and utilize data and evidence to support the clinic mission.  An ability to use data to track and report progress/outcomes
  • A strong commitment to ensuring that everyone at SMC is treated with empathy, respect, and kindness. For most of our clients, SMC is their medical “home.”
  • Ability to manage multiple complex system needs:  policies, people, productivity.  Experience complying with changing and pertinent regulations (e.g., legal, health care regulations, etc)
  • Core values of integrity, honesty, transparency, humility, initiative, trust, respect, compassion, collaboration, confidentiality. Willing and able to be accountable. 
  • Can work independently and foster effective teamwork 
  • Ability to manage boundaries effectively:  time, relationships, dynamics of maintenance vs growth needs

Summary of Key ED Responsibilities

The Executive Director provides leadership to implement the Clinic’s strategic plan with specific responsibility for: 

  • Leadership, Management and Planning, with a particular focus on meeting the goals of the SMC Strategic Plan 
  • Human Resources Management, with strong team building, ability to inspire, empower, direct and delegate to staff and volunteers
  • Program Development and Implementation, with a deep understanding of the complex health and wellness needs of our patients and the community resources available or needed to meet those needs. Knowledge of and ability to utilize information systems to support programs.
  • Financial Management and Oversight, including preparing financial statements, and preparing and managing budgets
  • Resource Development, including grant writing, community fundraising and donor and grantor stewardship 
  • Key Relationship Management,  including effective interpersonal relationships and connections with volunteers, staff, patients, donors and SMC board
  • Collaboration with Community Partners, including ability to develop and maintain strong relationships with various partners and stakeholders


Hours per week: 32-40 (negotiable)

Salary Range:  $50,000 - $75,000

Please submit your resume byMay 19, 2021

Please forward cover letter, resume and three references (all in one electronic document) to the SMC Search Committee at:  smcsearch21@gmail.com


Background Info: 

Smith Medical Clinic Strategic Plan (2020)


Smith Medical Clinic is a vital partner to a healthier community.


Smith Medical Clinic, a volunteer- powered organization provides free healthcare services to low-income uninsured adults in Georgetown County, SC.

Strategic Focus Areas and Associated Goals

1. Get Well. Stay Well.

            a) Monitor, improve and report patient outcomes in key disease areas

            b) Focus on early detection, screening and prevention of key diseases

2. Enable the People to Flourish... strengthen and sustain human resources to deliver the mission. 

            a) Develop and implement a leadership succession plan

            b) Strengthen the volunteer powered model

            c) Create options to deal with the shortage of professional providers
            d) Increase diversity throughout the organization

3. Assure Finances to Sustain and Grow … develop a diverse funding strategy to support and sustain the ongoing operations of the clinic, and to provide additional capital for its continued growth.

  1. Protect and expand diverse revenue streams
  2. Ensure appropriate reserves to sustain operations
  3. Plan for future growth
  4. Explore alternative revenue streams

4. Ensure Functioning of Facilities, Processes and Technology to Serve… optimize current facilities and operations to meet current and future needs.

    1. Improve use of Telehealth and external partner programs
    2. Evaluate space requirements and usage, including space at partner facilities
    3. Monitor growth/health trends in the patient population and measure against organizational capacity