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As the national voice for our clinics and patients, the NAFC plays an important role in sharing information about the continued need for health care equality, accessibility, affordability and portability for the medically underserved in our country.  We also recognize the importance of education and sharing resources that are helpful to Free and Charitable Clinics, volunteers, researchers, legislators and the general public.

This section provides a variety of important information and educational resources.   The journal list provides researchers with an extensive list of journal articles that are related to Free and Charitable Clinics and/or the medically underserved.  The resources from partners provide great information ranging from the "Know Your Dose" campaign, information for clinics on the FTCA Clinic program for medical malpractice coverage, information helpful to clinics regarding the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, as well as important information and resources on "Connecting Kids to Coverage."  Additionally there are several publications available such as the recently released Legal and Operational Guide for Free Medical Clinic, sample job dscriptions for Free and Charitable Clinic staff positions and more. You can also find a list of online Continuing Education offerings.

Want to learn more about our clinics and the underserved? The following informational documents provide details on what Free and Charitable Clinics and Charitable Pharmacies are, who the medically underserved are, how Free and Charitable Clinics differ from federally funded health centers, and the various NAFC Public Policy statements and priorities.





  • 2019 NAFC Public Policy Priorities - This document details the NAFC 2019 Public Policy Statements and priorities for the organization and its members, including: Health Care Access and Affordability, Medication Access and Affordability, Workforce Development and Nonprofit Finance and Tax.