Chief Executive Officer - Virginia Association of Free & Charitable Clinics (Richmond, VA)


Virginia Association of Free and Charitable Clinics Chief Executive Officer
Richmond, Virginia
Board of Directors

The Virginia Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (VAFCC) is a private, non-profit association that supports clinics in the Commonwealth as they provide healthcare to the uninsured, underinsured and underserved in Virginia. Founded in 1993, the VAFCC has successfully supported the work of over 60 member-free and charitable clinics in Virginia through training, technical assistance, resource development and advocacy. Each year, The VAFCC hosts a statewide conference where members come together to share best practices and learn from experts in the fields of nonprofit management, resource development and healthcare. Through the support of more than 11,000 volunteers, the VAFCC is working towards fulfilling their vision where all people in Virginia have access to comprehensive, quality health care.

The VAFCC is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia and is governed and directed by a dedicated Board of Directors.


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will develop and oversee the strategic planning and operation of the VAFCC. Serving as the leader and primary advocate of the organization, the CEO will articulate the strategic direction that has been approved by the Board to the VAFCC team, its members and its stakeholders. The CEO will maintain the integrity of the VAFCC’s reputation and culture, and provide inspiring and motivational leadership while directing the activities of the organization toward the fulfillment of its mission and achievement of its goals and objectives.

The CEO will manage a team of 4 people and be responsible for driving culture, developing corporate strategy and improving processes and results. The ideal candidate will be technically sound, hands-on and process oriented, and a versatile thought leader that can take concepts to reality with an innovative approach.

Core Functions:

  •   Providing inspirational leadership to the operations of the VAFCC and its entities.

  •   Directing and defining the responsibilities of the 4 staff and integrating stakeholders in shared


  •   Developing and monitoring financial and strategic initiatives, with clear short-term and long-

    term goals, measurable objectives and time lines, through effective translation of Board

    approved policies and endeavors.

  •   Growing VAFCC’s membership and other sources of income.

  •   Be a connector and culture-driver across the company.

  •   Be transparent with information to enable all stakeholders to be accountable to each other.

  •   Be inspiring while earning respect


    Operations & Staff Management - The CEO maintains and/or enhances the organizational culture for VAFCC staff ensuring appropriate recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, on-going training and team motivation and is ultimately responsible for all staff development, promotions and terminations. The CEO will be responsible for the effective utilization of staff and resources by clearly defining duties, establishing performance standards, conducting performance reviews and maintaining a competitive salary structure. The CEO will empower VAFCC staff to lead projects and actively participate in VAFCC business and activities and will effectively delegate to others to carry out their responsibilities toward the work of

    V AFCC.

    Board Relations – The CEO ensures strategy and directives determined by the Board of Directors are executed. The CEO supports the operations and administration of the Board by maintaining on-going, transparent and effective communication with the Board’s members keeping them updated on VAFCC operations and activities. The CEO will attend all meetings of the Board.

    Member Relations - The CEO ensures VAFCC is working to understand and support the needs of its membership and the organization is providing its members with information about VAFCC’s activitiesand services as well as opportunities to participate. The CEO oversees the development of programs and services to create added value in VAFCC for the membership. The CEO is responsible for creating a membership culture within the organization, supporting and overseeing the efforts to recruit and retain members and ensuring a brand-enhancing member experience.

    Stakeholder Relationships - Through exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, the CEO assures that VAFCC and its mission and programs consistently present a leading-edge image to relevant stakeholders such as pharmaceutical partners, community partners, elected officials, similar associations, and other industry stakeholders.

    Strategic Execution – The CEO stays current with general industry trends and issues and their potential impact on VAFCC members and the Board. In collaboration with the Board, develops short term and long-term strategic plans. The CEO ensures the strategic plans are articulated both internally and externally, and effectively establishes and monitors accountability to ensure timely execution of the plans’objectives.

    Business & Financial Leadership - The CEO brings hands-on business experience and thoroughly understands the economic and political conditions that impact the industry and the VAFCC membership. The CEO ensures that all funds, physical assets, and other property of VAFCC are appropriately administered and safeguarded (enterprise risk management mind-set); ensures that timely and thorough audits are conducted on a periodic basis. The CEO is responsible for overseeing the planning, promotion, and administration of all official meetings of the organization and will provide financial leadership through a proven track record of fiscal accountability.



The ideal candidate’s experience must include:

  •   At least 10 years as a business and/or association leader with experience leading volunteer boards

    and demonstrated ability working with key stakeholders in a collaborative environment.

  •   Inspirational leadership skills, transparent communication style, ability to build trust at all levels

    and a proven track record of motivating teams and stakeholders.

  •   A commitment to the organization’s culture, mission, and values with a keen understanding of

    the service aspect of the membership.

  •   A working familiarity with Medicaid and an understanding of the trends effecting healthcare

    services overall.

  •   Strong foundation in developing/managing budgets, as well as skills in data analysis and

    reporting/forecasting of future utilization.

  •   Proven experience building, mentoring, motivating, and leading high performing teams and

    attracting and retaining top talent.

  •   Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills which allows her/him to communicate

    sensibly to both senior leaders and staff.

  •   Demonstrated ability to think “out-of-the-box” in improving organization performance by

    influencing colleagues and management to improve processes for the organization as a whole.


    •   A hands-on, collaborative, results-oriented executive with the ability and confidence to quickly earn the respect of the staff, board, and other stakeholders.

    •   Must be able to establish credibility and be a leader who both speaks and acts with authority gained through experience, and who has sufficient know-how to impact the organization in a powerful way.

    •   Will exhibit the highest standards of professional integrity and ethics.

    •   Possesses the desire to lead and develop the people in the organization to achieve

      their maximum performance levels.

    •   High-energy; able to work well with multiple priorities and diverse responsibilities.

    •   Flexible and adaptable; seeks out and is open to new ideas and approaches.


      Builds and Leverages Relationships

      •   Builds strong cross-functional and client relationships

      •   Collaborates with team members across multiple locations

      •   Trusts and respects people

      •   Acts with integrity, honesty and humility


      •   Communicates clearly and openly

      •   Listens actively to others

      •   Influences others

      •   Able to communicate effectively to groups from a wide array of backgrounds


Delivers Results

  •   Achieves individual and team performance objectives

  •   Exceeds customer expectations

  •   Drives growth and business development

  •   Takes action and shows a strong work commitment

    Drives Innovation and Change

  •   Seeks out opportunities for continuous improvement

  •   Encourages and pursues innovative solutions

  •   Learns, grows and adapts

  •   Initiates and leads change efforts across decentralized teams

  •   Has a thirst for knowledge and an eye for recognizing trends in health care

    Leads Others

  •   Provides direction and structure

  •   Sets high performance expectations and holds others accountable

  •   Recruits, selects and builds strong teams

  •   Motivates and inspires team members

  •   Coaches and develops others to their potential

    Makes Decisions and Solves Problems

  •   Thinks and acts strategically

  •   Demonstrates analytical thinking skills while having an entrepreneurial mindset

  •   Uses sound judgment and critical thinking

  •   Makes clear and objective decisions

  •   Develops and leverages business, industry and functional knowledge


    An undergraduate degree is required; an advanced degree (MBA) is preferred.


    A fair, market-driven compensation package will be provided to attract outstanding candidates.



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