Awaiting the Supreme Court Decision on King v Burwell

Recently, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on a case that could potentially have lasting impacts on the Affordable Care Act and, more specifically, on those who have received health insurance through a federally facilitated marketplace.  The Supreme Court is expected to hand down it’s ruling on the King v Burwell case this summer.  While the country waits to hear the decision, Free & Charitable Clinics are preparing for possible impacts.

If an effort to help navigate this court case and its potential implications, the Wisconsin Association of Free & Charitable Clinics, Inc. and the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics have collaborated on a white paper that will help place this case into context, provide background and offer some food for thought.  It is our hope that members of the safety net will use this paper as an educational piece.  

Click here to read the white paper.

The NAFC thanks the Wisconsin Association of Free & Charitable Clinics Inc. for their dedication and contribution to this paper.