21 September 2015

Last week the House of Representatives approved H.R. 3134 the Defund Planned Parenthood Act by a vote of 241-187.  This bill would invest an additional $235 million in FQHCs to support women’s health.  There is discussion that there could be additional funding available for other safety net medical providers such as Free and Charitable Clinics.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, stopping the funding for Planned Parenthood would result in a net savings of $235 million over a decade but also cut off access for as many as 600,000 patients. 

10 August 2015

As kid and teens across the country prepare to go back to school, help set them up for success. Whether you’re a parent looking for information about health insurance, or a clinic looking for outreach materials to share with families, the Connecting Kids to Coverage National Campaign is here to help.

Year-Round Enrollment in Medicaid and CHIP

2 June 2015
The NAFC is excited to introduce a new pharmacy discount card program that can be used by all!  Our partners Henry Schein and USA Rx worked together on this pharmacy card that averages 42% savings on medications.  Best of all, there is NO cost to participate in this program!

Signing up for a card is simple – just visit the following website and click on the “GET FREE CARD” button: 

23 April 2015

By the time you read this article, I will be on my way to Kansas City, MO or heading back home to Louisiana after volunteering at a massive free medical clinic. This is not my first time working with the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (NAFC) as a volunteer and definitely won't be my last for several reasons. Firstly, I enjoy volunteering and assisting the hundreds of medical and non-medical staff who simply come out to help those who can't access quality affordable health care.

20 March 2015

It is with heavy hearts this week that we in the Free & Charitable Clinic community mourn the loss of two great friends and health care champions, Jane Jones and Regina Reece.

18 March 2015

Recently, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on a case that could potentially have lasting impacts on the Affordable Care Act and, more specifically, on those who have received health insurance through a federally facilitated marketplace.  The Supreme Court is expected to hand down it’s ruling on the King v Burwell case this summer.  While the country waits to hear the decision, Free & Charitable Clinics are preparing for possible impacts.

16 December 2014

Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there have been various media stories stating that there is a rash of Free & Charitable Clinic closures across the United States because the majority of individuals are receiving care under the ACA. There have been stories that the Affordable Care Act is putting clinics “out of business” and that safety-net clinics are no longer needed.

13 November 2014

There is a day for giving thanks, a couple days for getting those good shopping deals, but what about a day to give back?

Right after Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes a very important day – Giving Tuesday!!  Giving Tuesday is a national movement that focuses on giving back to those in need.  You are encouraged to support a charity or non-profit (such as the NAFC) by donating, or by volunteering your time and talents in your community, for example at your local Free or Charitable Clinic.

18 October 2014
Internationally and nationally, the transition and infection of the Ebola virus has become a hot topic on the news. In an effort to help educate the public and our membership, we have identified the following educational and informational links from the CDC about the symptoms, transmission, prevention and treatment of Ebola.